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Everything we do at Knucklehead has a why. Our main purpose was to create a brand with really good products for barbers to use and be proud to be part of our journey.  

We wanted to offer the best product for barbers and their customers, something Brazilian with premium quality. For this, we gathered great names from the classic barbershop who became our ambassadors, this team is then responsible for helping us create products that barbers really seek and with very high refinement.


Encourage people to honor their values and seek their freedom and authenticity.


To be a brand with a leadership spirit that strives to increase man's confidence and strengthen his identity, offering quality gringo products at a fair price.


1. Family
 Be bold
Self development

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Brand History

It all started in 2014, when Emilio Antoniuk, founding partner, owned a beauty salon. He always liked to take care of his hair, as he understood that it represented a lot of his personal image. By being in the salon, he had access to several national men products, but only achieved the desired result with imported products. Besides, the national products had no spirit, nothing he could identify with.

With this intrigue and an entrepreneurial family history, he decided that he would go in search of something different, something that would represent the men of today and that would have the gringa quality, but manufactured in Brazil.   At the beginning, he felt the difficulties, developing a formula from scratch was not easy. There were several laboratories and thousands of tests, but none satisfied the initial purpose. Not good enough. In the second year, fate gave a breath of hope and made the paths of Emilio and Eduardo Funguetto to cross, he embraced the idea together and on top of that he had a new laboratory to indicate. A few months later, they received the first sample of the Classic Pomade. The result was encouraging right away! But there were still adjustments to be made and from then on there were several tests until finalizing our first Knucklehead Pomade. Soon after, they also developed a dry effect Pomade, Deluxe. And so the Knucklehead Pomade launch pack was created.

In addition to the formulation, we created a positioning that reflects the desire to be different and have an innovative concept to present people, while also offering a lifestyle for men. The brand's artwork was handcrafted by a designer, as are the classic cuts... see how everything at Knucklehead has a why? Otherwise what fun is it?!

In the beginning, Emilio went from door to door in barbershops to present, explain our purpose and teach how to use it. The barbers at first were a little suspicious because they were used to “fake” products and those salespeople talk, but when using the product and proving for themselves that we were different, the partnership was done.  And so it was, for several months Emilio traveled around the south and southeast of Brazil showing our products and creating relationships with barbers and barbershops. Gradually, word-of-mouth began to take effect, social media took shape and we started to crawl.

The Knuckle team grew, our ambassadors came and taught us to walk.  And there's so much history since you could almost write a book! So many comic, dramatic and adventurous people and experiences. And like us, Knucklehead has been shaping itself over the years, creating a personality, seeking to be what it was really created to be, not necessarily what the founders wanted, but what everyone needs Knucklehead to be.  

Today we have a community, people and businesses that help each other and want to make a difference in the world. We want to bring out the best in people, especially men, because rarely does anyone speak directly to us. Physical appearance just reflects your inner state, so having your hair done right isn't just that, it's so much more.  

Anyway, we want to leave a message: "Who knows, doesn't forget."



For those who know us know we are  Kustom kulture advocates precisely because you can make your own style. Knucklehead is  a nickname for a motorcycle engine from the 30s, at that time it was the fastest, most stylish and  different. We worked on the look of the brand in a vintage style and we were inspired by this  culture since the 1930s.

Our Differential

When the brand was created, the entire concept and references came from abroad, that is, products of the highest quality and from countries where barbershops ' culture is older. For us to reach the desired quality is always a process, but we see a common denominator in all developments with various chemicals: the concentration of raw material in our pomades is higher than other brands.

That's what will make the hair stay in the hairstyle all day. We don't dilute the formula to give you more, you can do this at home if you want, but you can be sure you're investing in a huge product that, in addition to leaving your hair in style, will also moisturize the strands and protect them from pollution .

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