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At Knucklehead, we empower individuals to embrace their authenticity and prioritize overall wellness. Our pioneering spirit promotes men's confidence through premium products that enhance style. Our core values of family, freedom, honor, authenticity, and self-development form our brand's foundation, fostering a sense of community. We encourage bold expression and staying true to oneself, inspiring personal growth and success. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

​In 2014, our journey began with Emilio Antoniuk, one of our founding partners, whose passion for impeccable personal style led to the birth of Knucklehead. Recognizing the significance of his hair in defining his image, Emilio embarked on a mission to discover something unique – premium quality grooming products that represented the essence of modern men. Overcoming numerous obstacles, Emilio and his team developed the perfect formula for our flagship product, the Classic Pomade. The pursuit of excellence didn't stop there, as we continued to fine-tune our craft and expand our product line, introducing the Deluxe Pomade with a dry effect. Beyond creating exceptional products, we strive to build a brand with a distinct identity, infused with handcrafted artwork and classic cuts, reflecting our sense of purpose and character. Emilio's persistence and dedication paid off, forging partnerships with barbershops across South and Southeast Brazil, spreading the word about Knucklehead through word-of-mouth and social media. Today, our growing team and dedicated ambassadors share a common goal – to offer more than just hair products. We aim to create a sense of community and empowerment for men, helping them unleash their best selves. As a testament to determination and shared ideals, Knucklehead stands tall, uplifting people and fostering self-confidence through personalized style. Join us on this unforgettable journey, as together, we embody the message: "Who knows, doesn't forget." Embrace Knucklehead and embrace your true self.



When it came to naming the brand, we found inspiration in the legendary 'Knucklehead' motorcycle engine from the 1930s. Back then, it was renowned for being the fastest, most stylish, and distinct engine of its time. ​ Our brand's vintage-style appearance pays homage to this iconic era and the rebellious spirit it embodies. We believe that like the Knucklehead engine, every individual has the power to stand out and be extraordinary. Just as the Knucklehead engine represented a departure from the norm, we too embrace the idea of breaking free from the mundane.

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