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Discover why this ingredient is so crucial.

All our customers who have used our beard oil never forget how soft their beard became after the product dried. With deep hydration for every strand, Knucklehead's beard oil was one of the first products we created, winning everyone over ever since.

But how can one product do so much? What's in it that sets it apart from other products in the market?

Most beard oils on the market are primarily composed of Argan Oil, but not all use it as their base – which is a distinctive feature of our product, bringing intense hydration to your entire beard. Additionally, our formulation includes a mix of silicones, which is the key factor in delivering smoothness to every hair.

Many people have reservations about using silicone in cosmetics, but they're unaware of the benefits it brings to beard and hair strands. So, let me share with you the positives of incorporating silicone in formulations!

  • Sealing of Cuticles - Cuticles are like the 'scales' covering each beard and hair strand. When they are healthy and aligned, cuticles protect the hair and beard cortex, maintaining hydration. This results in a smoother, shinier, and healthier-looking beard, as closed cuticles reflect light uniformly. Moreover, sealed cuticles also tend to be more resistant to future damage.

  • Protection Against Damage - Silicone creates a protective barrier around the strands, shielding them from the excessive heat of hairdryers that many bearded folks use to properly dry their beards. Try applying the oil before drying your beard!

Furthermore, this protective shield minimizes breakage and dryness, preventing weakness and maintaining health.

  • Frizz Reduction - By sealing the cuticles, silicone also helps reduce frizz and the appearance of unruly hairs. The silicone also aids in reducing frizz and taming rebellious strands. Try using Knucklehead's Wooden Comb for better frizz control, keeping your beard consistently well-groomed.

Continuous use of our beard oil may lead to an excessive buildup of silicone on the strands, resulting in heavier, lackluster hairs. Hence, we recommend using our 2-in-1 Shampoo to cleanse your beard, as it includes factors for deep cleansing to remove residues.

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