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Hello USA! From Brazil's finest pomade!


We are very grateful to be in this amazing country hopefully to help barbers and other men with our Brazil’s finest grooming products. We’re a brand that focus in style and believe in men’s confidence for your everyday struggle. For us style is everything, like Buckowski said “’s better to do a dull thing with style then without it...”. We know that each man has his style, biker, lawyer, doctor, and we are here to try to help you feel confident with your own style, with a little pinch of that Brazilian swell.

If you didn’t notice, yeah, we’re a brand that love motorcycles, especially vintage choppers. It’s not about the machine, it’s about doing what you love. We know that life is rough around the edges, so we want to help you to make it lighter by at least looking at the mirror and say “Hell yeah, I’m that good look’n guy”. So, you can do what you need to do and what you love, with confidence and style. Do more of what you love without guilt!

Inspired with that vintage looks from James Dean, Elvis and Chuck Berry. Mixture with a passion for Vintage Harleys, with our Brazilian heritage, KNUCKLEHEAD POMADE was born. From the beginning we want to do something that would be international, so we went after the finest ingredients to make premium quality pomade, to be sure that it holds the whole day and doesn’t damage your hair. When we started in Brazil, unfortunately you couldn’t find fine products that why we focused so much in quality, to be different, to raise the bar and to have our own style.

Well, hope to hear from all of you!

We’re a small company with big dreams, starting in a big country, so if you have suggestions or just want to get to know us better, let us know! We will be glad to talk over a cup of coffee and present our complete line. For now, we only brought the Pomades and the Grooming, but soon we’ll be bringing many more products full of the best Brazilian ingredients.

If you’re interested in being a retailer, text us at (786) 689 – 4339 or send us na email to

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