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Maurício Moreira is the head barber and owner partner at Morgam's Barbearia, founded and consolidated for over 6 years in the state of Santa Catarina. currently, he’s considered one of the biggest Brazilian references in classic style cuts and services.
With experience and exchanges in Europe, Maurício gained enough luggage to travel through several states defending the crew's flag, “Bastard Barbers”, giving courses and participating in events showing cutting techniques and the style of classic barbershops.


Morgam’s Barbearia

Rua Gil Stein Ferreira, 273 Centro, Itajaí - SC, Brazil


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Tired of not being able to be who he is and living conditioned to always have a “standard” look, he decided to work with something that had a direct relationship with the Kustom Kulture scene. He was already experiencing, but at the same time, gave him the freedom to be able to assume his tattoos and grow a beard! Inspired by Kustom events like Viva Las Vegas, where he saw musicians' hair, he decided to learn classic cuts. He started as an apprentice at a local barbershop where he learned the basics, and researching period photos and developing his own method to reproduce the cuts and hairstyles, with the passage of time and access to big names in the scene nationally and internationally, he added techniques and refined his way of working with a mix of technique and feeling. Today, he owns Hank's Barbershop, located in Joinville-SC, a 100% classic and traditional barbershop. He’s part of the Bastard Barbers crew and and has given workshops in several regions of Brazil and also in international events alongside big names like Santiago Green and Alisha, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. “And currently I’m also an ambassador for Knucklehead Pomade, which added even more to my profession and lifestyle.”


HANK'S Barbershop


Rua Porto União 1213, Anita Garibaldi,

Joinville - SC, Brazil 

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